Mannerist turns: Art’s demeanour as method and teaching

Encontro Aberto com John Baldacchino (Arts Institute, University of Wisconsin-Madison) no Auditório do Pavilhão Sul pelas 15h, organizado pelo Doutoramento em Educação Artística da Faculdade de Belas Artes.

«If there is such a thing as reassurance, this must be offered as a manner.  As both a way of doing but also a demeanour, a manner may well suggest a modus operandi that could appear to be moved by an ultimate plan. Yet one could invert this and argue that as a demeanour, the manner is just an excuse to move away from acceptability. Taking a sideways view of the expected, the manner could be a vehicle that rejects those central assumptions over which education is regarded as something equivalent to learning. To put it bluntly, the manner recommends a rejection of anything that we learnt to expect.» — John Baldacchino, interviewed by Gert Biesta.

Full interview found in Baldacchino, J. & Biesta, G. 2017. Weak subjects: On art’s art of forgetting. An interview with John Baldacchino. In Arts, Artists and Pedagogy. Naughton, Cole and Biesta (eds.) London: Routledge.

Local Auditório do Pavilhão Sul, FBAUP
Data 15 de Dezembro de 2017
Info Encontro Aberto com John Baldacchino