Conferência de Liz Wells_SENSE OF PLACE || On landscape photography, region and identity

Conferência de Liz Wells_

SENSE OF PLACE || On landscape photography, region and identity


ESMAE – Auditório da ESE (Escola Superior de Educação do Porto), Rua Roberto Frias, 712, Porto. 


09 Maio 2014 | 17.00h – 20-00h 


Through reference to Sense of Place, European Landscape Photography, guest curated at BOZAR, Brussels in 2012, Liz Wells will reflect on photographic practices relating to land, landscape, place and identity.


Liz Wells writes and lectures on photographic practices. She edited The Photography Reader (2003), and Photography: A Critical Introduction (2009, 4th ed.) and is a co-editor for photographies, Routledge journals. Publications on landscape include Land Matters, Landscape Photography, Culture and Identity (2011). She is author of numerous articles on photography, land, landscape and place including ‘A Man of the North’ in Esko Männikkö (2014) Time Flies.

Recent exhibitions as curator include: Futureland Now – John Kippin, Chris Wainwright (Laing Gallery, Newcastle, September 15 2012 – January 20 2013), Sense of Place, European Landscape Photography (BOZAR, Brussels, 14 June – 15 September 2012) and Landscapes of Exploration, British art from Antarctica (Plymouth, February/March 2012; Cambridge, October/November 2013). Her forthcoming exhibition, Light Touch, commissioned by Maryland Arts Place, USA, will open at Baltimore Washington International Airport (February – June 2014).

She is Professor in Photographic Culture, Faculty of Arts, Plymouth University, UK, leads research in Art, Science and Environment within the Research Centre for Media, Art and Design (MADr), and convenes the research group for Land/Water and the Visual Arts.


European Landscapes, Photography and Identity
6 Maio, terça-feira, 18h 30 min, Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa.

Modes of Intervention – on writing and curating (photography)
7 Maio, quarta-feira, 11h, Escola Superior de Artes e Design, Caldas da Rainha. (Auditório 1)

Sense of Place. On landscape photography, region and identity
9 Maio, sexta-feira, 17:00h, Escola Superior de Música, Artes e Espetáculo, Auditório da ESE, Campus da Asprela, Porto.