4ei_ea encontro internacional sobre educação artística

14 a 17 de Março, Cabo Verde

org: M-EIA, Atelier Mar, i2ADS/FBAUP

The shift to Cape Verde repeats the displacement movement started in 2010, year of the first EI_EA. Porto (2012) and Cariri (2014) were, however, two other waypoints. In the different places, to hear, to see, to feel, to question, to act, to experience, were states around which unfolded meetings. This new edition of EI_EA seeks to give greater breadth to this motion displacement and what it implies for each of us, from the point of view of a thought and research in arts education. It does not set up a presentation space of papers, but of sharing and questioning from what will be lived here, a relational matter that will be searched. Three different projects (Lajedos, S. Nicolau e Planalto Norte) that have been built with the involvement of Atelier Mar (NGO), the M_EIA (Mindelo International School of Art) and the different communities, will be the focuses of the experiences of those who accept this displacement and the call for concentration and listening.

Discussing arts education, and the possibility of another SCHOOL, integrates the field of possibilities of action for the indeterminate future, and corresponds to a dip in the political, in the dissatisfaction with the present, in the search of unpredictable things to come. Let’s face then the complexity and conflicts that the history of arts education comprises and that its installed exercise evidences.

Is it possible to promote an educational political project in the artistic higher education field, in a small and young country in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, one that does not replicate the inconsistencies of educational models of North / West? And how does this discussion includes the conflicts we face in our schools? To what extent does this project prevent an education that castrates, imprisons and formats the young students of the M_EIA, in a pursuit to strengthen response capabilities that meet the challenges that they face and will face as graduates in visual arts, in design, in architecture?

organization: 3 working groups > 1 shared discussion On the act of registration you will have to have chosen one of the three working groups (limit 15 registered by group – non-residents in Cape Verde)

Group S. Nicolau – Considering the projects triggered on the island of S. Nicolau, (Museum of Fishing), and how the M_EIA moved to this project, we intend to understand what ‘happened’, the

‘involvement’ of the population and the significance of the involvement of M_EIA with the project. – A small group of ‘participants’, accompanied by a M_EIA the group will travel to S. Nicolau, for two days, to ‘take’ knowledge with what ‘exists’ and how it ‘is experienced’. Coordination Dennis Atkinson Goldsmith, London) and Leão Lopes (M_EIA, Cape Verde).

Group Lajedos – Considering the projects triggered in Lajedos on the island of Santo Antao, long ago at Atelier Mar, and the latest relationship with M_EIA, this group aims to understand what was done and how the community ‘installed’ itself on the performed / achieved. – A small group of ‘participants’, accompanied by a M_EIA the group travels to Lajedos for two days to ‘take’ knowledge with which ‘exists’ and how it ‘is experienced’. Coordination Fernando Hernandez (Barcelona, Spain) and Maria Miguel Estrela (Atelier Mar, Cape Verde).

Group Planalto Norte – Considering the reality of Planalto Norte, in the island of Santo Antao, and the involvement of Atelier Mar and M_EIA in community developments, we intend to understand the local dimension of what ‘happened’ and perspectives drawn and the degree of interference of this experience in M_EIA. – A small group of ‘participants’, accompanied by a group of M_EIA, moves to North Highlands, for two days’ to take ‘knowledge with which’ exists’ and how it ‘is vivid’. Coordination of José C. Paiva (FBAUP, Portugal) and Valdemar Lopes (M_EIA, Cape Verde).

in the final phase all participate in the Global Group (Mindelo).

Global group – What possiblities carries M_EIA in the space of arts education. – All the “participants” in plenary, after ‘knowing’ what each group discussed ‘, debate in the city of Mindelo on arts education. coordination: Catarina S. Martins (FBAUP, Portugal) and Rita Rainho (M_EIA, Cape Verde).

Calendar 13 to 17 March 2016. Cape Verde

Sunday, 13 each group travels (for S. Nicolau or S. Antao) and accommodation (in homes of the population)

Monday, 14 field work by groups (S. Nicolau; Lajedos and Planalto Norte in Santo Antao); food and lodging.

Tuesday, 15 field work by groups (S. Nicolau; Lajedos and Planalto Norte in Santo Antao); lunch and return later in the day to S. Vicente (S. Antao groups – Lajedos and Planalto Norte); accommodation in Mindelo (island of S. Vicente).

Wednesday, 16 discussion in groups in M_EIA (Santo Antao groups – Lajedos e Planalto Norte); discussion of S. Nicolau group, lunch and airline return to Mindelo; accommodation in Mindelo (island of S. Vicente).

Thursday, 17 plenary discussion (Global Group) in M_EIA (Mindelo), and the closing party with dance, accommodation.